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Lancet study recommends review of vax policy

New correspondence in Lancet Infectious Diseases Vol 22, Issue 1 recommends reviewing mandatory vaccination recommendations, as research does not support the idea of effective transmission prevention. This despite the current 2021 vaccine-products efficacy towards reducing the disease severity in COVID-19.

Capture of Franco-Pedes 2022 paper Transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2 among fully vaccinated individuals, with highlightsCarlos Franco-Pedes discusses evidence where SARS-CoV-2 virus has been quantified or worse, transmitted from fully vaccinated individuals, as from unvaccinated.

The Finnish Parlament 2019 is ignorant to scientific fact and basic human dignity

Mandatory vaccination laws were enacted by the Finnish Parlament 2019 on 28.12.2021, at the height of the reactionary panic of COVID-19 epidemy. Just 2 nights before YLE News reported of a 3-time-vaccinated nurse transmitting COVID-19 on to five elderly at a Rovaniemi hospital.

Unscientific and totalitarian legislature that removes the decision about the body from the person, and gives the citizens body to the Finnish Government and the employer - an unethical nightmare. Despite the fact that the expert panel advising the Finnish Parliament 2019 did mention the vaccines do not prevent transmission, parliament representatives ignored scientific knowledge and passed the legislature, enforcing a piece of totalitarianism into the Finnish Law.

The government and parliament representatives should strive to strike out this complete failure, and rebuild the legislation on a more humane and knowledge-based ground.

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