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I used to identify strongly with the Green movement. The topics are still very dear to me. Symbiosis with ecosphere or we may be extinct by the 9th billion.

But for the last 4 years I have become disillusioned with the actual factual Greens, the finnish Green Party and the people behind it. It seems to me they are just another populist movement, pretty much opposite of all the things they like to advertise.

Upon close inspection, The Finnish Greens are the Maya Priest, on top of their pyramid during the eclipse, trying to scare the peasants into submission, promising to undo the eclipse.

A scam for the naive, uneducated or the young people of Finland.

I have a naive streak

Advertising veg-food and environmental protection gets my attention. I have a very specific view on how animals should be left to be animals - even the human animal.

Scripps Institute of Oceanography Mauna Loa CO2 graph 1998Further, the Mauna Loa CO2-level "hockey stick"-graph once startled me, back in the day, 1998. The Keeley curve. Wait what is going on with carbon dioxide! I no longer think that there is any final problem with CO2 even with double the amount, compared to the more pressing ones, anyway.

I was cured of the populist Greens by the science of Biology

As it often seems to be in my life, the shiny and perfect things attracted me. Such pretty promises!

And as usual, under the gloss there are holes and blemishes. And behind the screen there is nothing:

It is nothing but a prop.

Green parliament representatives failed the vax-science 100%

Greens advertise themselves as a very "scientific" party.

But the Finnish Green representatives failed the corona-vaccine science, along with Dems, Left and Center. All the readymade, easy to find science on transmission, useless on ideological populists that now run the parliament.

The Finnish Greens voted for the law that forces nurses to transmit COVID

Finnish Green Party has a primitive pseudo-view on the capabilities of the corona-vax. Absolutely nothing scientific. The same view has already caused the healthcare to infect the elderly and risk-group members with COVID - from a triple-vaccinated nurse, operating under the illusion that vaccine prevents transmission (See f.ex. YLE Uutiset Rovaniemi 30.12.2021).

Greens have failed to act on Baltic Sea

Thousand of tonnes of nitrogen and phosphorus still run into the sea every year. It is not that much.

Its only about half a million tonnes of crops worth of nutrients. All into the Baltic, to be transformed into blue and green algae.

We could grow 400 000 tonnes of plants with this N and P

From agriculture, sanitation, what have you. It is all over the waterways in doses of ton or dozen. This 400k cannot save the Finnish energy economy.

But it would grow quite a nice side-stream of energy-willow, fiber-hemp, fodder-reeds, or perhaps oil-algae in a special mini-plant during the summer? I'm dreaming again here, aren't I.

Greens failed the Climate Science

Their problem is they are simply not scientific.

We cannot change Earth atmosphere by paying extra tax on diesel fuel. Is is all just about the Carbon credit market, in reality.

We got Carbon wrong

Photosynthesizing organisms will sequester the atmospheric CO2. With complete certainty. As long as there is enough nitrogen.

Greens did not get that its all about Nitrogen

Nitrogen oxide gasses and methane seem to be stronger that CO2 in terms of reflecting atmospheric heat.

Climate Change is all about the Haber-Bosch-process?

Remember the atmospheric CO2 level graph from Mauna Loa again? With the CO2 levels inexplicably rising? It coincides with the invention of Haber-Bosch-process. Now thats an example of conjecture! Exactly as non-scientific as "stopping Climate Change".

And how about actually consuming that methane CH4, as energy-gas, and not just letting it fly off to the skies?

To me the Greens seem to fail at all of this.

They want to believe. Their supporters are the victims of the online Ad-Industry SoMe-greenwashing-scheme of the last decade. People want to be "ecological". But one cannot change the climate system. In scientific view, it is extremely hard and costly to make any experiments that could prove - or disprove - that certain action changed the climate.

Climate Science is still very new and the data very synthetic

Terribly interesting how bunch of oil-company chemists started to look into atmospheric effects in 1984. Yes, Climate Change was invented in Exxon in 1984. For a decade, it was just couple of guys and a random topic. Finding the history is non-trivial. I have traced through the publications once, and the early days is not much.

Do you support the Idea that we can stop Climate Change? Well, reality is harsh. It is simply complete conjecture.

Educated fiction. Nothing scientific in making such guesses. This type of approach would kill tens of thousands if used in contemporary Public Healthcare to find medication, as an example. It is not falsifiable hypothesis in Popperian sense, as an example.

Unethical to lie that we can change climate change

We do not know this. Only an unscientific person would have the megalomania to think so. We do not even know what exactly is causing what. Or what follows from what. Its all guesses.

It is highly unethical to lie to the public. These are the kids fresh off high school sitting on the pavement to stop the traffic. Their SoMe-hypnosis is that deep! And no mental tools to call these cruel lies from the likes of The Finnish Green Party.

The Green Party "Maya High Priests" are just make-up

They seem to have the educational level to get things like Carl Popper and falsifiable experiments. In effect, they should know what can be known with scientific methods.

If they lie to the children and kids and the students, that we can stop the Climate Change by buying an electric vehicle, they are completely dishonest.

Yet they do. The bandwagon is on. They run in the same class as "Jesus will return" type of argument.

They should know Australia has the same type of wildfires every decade

After all, The Finnish Green Party claims to be about "science". But they still use these things to gain support. All the while they know that these statements are hogwash.

Its exactly the same pack of lies as the vegan market. It simply does not hold up to any scientific examination or scrutiny.

Carbon credits are about expanding the Market, and consumption

It is not going to save energy or materials. But it will increase their consumption. Guess what happens to the environment when the Green Urbanite consumes more?

This money is sucked off the taxpayers bank-account.

Carbon credits are literally transfer of income to the financial market

Carbon credits seem to me to be about generating a market for those who have the skill, the time and the money to invest in the carbon futures exchange-market. Is it going to be the low- or middle-income Joe or Jill? Like, they do a lot of investing in synthetic financial instruments? Maybe they do.

Seems more like elitist scam to suck tax-money to the stock-exchange trade floor.

National Coalition Party wrote the green laws, not Greens

In my mind, the legal side of finnish environmental protection was made by the FNCP. The Greens of the time had more local approach: save this swamp or stop that dam.

Leading Greens are non-humanist

There are many topics I try to run. I am not political, I try to solve problems in society instead of political football game clubbing. The Drug War -issue is one of the megatrends that I've been trying to examine.

While Greens are not openly hostile, behind the scenes the authoritarian words are spoken.

Greens I know call marginalized victims of the Drug War "problems"

An outrageous thing. I do realize nobody is going to gain popular support by trying to run the issues of some marginalized addicts. Even just the softest drugs issues that some progressives run with like Cannabis or psychedelic mushrooms are going to generate a lot of antagonism and are easy to attack.

The Drug War is by-design authoritarian: it dehumanizes certain people. The Drug War also generated the illegal market. These are the fundamental problems. For the Greens benefit, some progressives have these issues in their voting advertisements.

They dropped the only ball they had

There are other issues in society. The Finnish Greens like to talk about how they want to change this authoritarian legacy, of punitive drug laws.

But like most populists, Greens don't seem to walk the walk.

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