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Nutrients as Ideological Bubble

Michael Greger runs an youtube channel with an excellent format. Chris MacAskills channel brings us popular diet-topics in a simple video format. Clearly they have a lot to offer? Heres my reaction to MacAskill proposing they debunked Gary Taubes, and ketogenic diet, and whatever fails their Plant Based Diet power-trip fantasy included - with my typos and fails included, too!

Michael Greger brings you cherry-picked ideas You would like to hear. That is literally the 21st Century Green-Supermarket-Consumer-marketing version of the 20th Century Big Sugar & Margarine-factory -pseudo-health ad-industry research.

I don't know Gary Taubes that well, but ketogenic diets are based on 19th (and 20th) Century care of diabetics. From the time when there was no biometrics or insulin-hormone therapy; your patient died in just months if you got their diet wrong. (implying Atkins wasn't nowhere near the first)

Of course, You (Chris McAskill?) have the same fundamental problem as Greger: you are the SoMe-clickhunters, and pseudo-environmentalist pseudo-healthy Vegan Ideologies, Vegetarian ideas, and their latest iteration on SoMe, Plant Based Diet, is your product.

Somehow you think that a diet that cannot provide adequate vitamins is healthy. - Howcome do Michael Greger and Chris McAskill propose to the public that a diet that doesn't include certain vitamins is healthy, someone might ask?

Table of cereal protein contents with gluten lysine amino acid level highlighted Table of cereals protein contents from Shewry and Tatham 1990. Looks like seitan is somewhat good source of amino acids, but very low in lysine, and mostly non-essential amino-acids: proteins for plants, not humans.

Because this crap is just clickbait-level cherry-picking intented to grab clicks from the enormous masses of consumers duped into consuming Pseudo Food, just the same as margarine-factories processed seed-oils, or Sheitan factories processed glutene protein. Lot of polyunsaturated fats and non-essential amino acids for humans. Lacking in fundamental nutrients, created from agricultural waste once deemed unusable for human consumption.

So with that Mr. Chris McAskill, it seems to me you are just another hater: you ignore Fundamental knowledge about diet. Such as:

Which plant do you get your vitamin B-12 from? How are the blood cells formed?

You or Michael Greger are neither scientists, researchers or knowledgeable on nutrition. The content you produce is Anti-Knowledge. Cherry-picked weak some-lectures for the people who are victims of marketing, and their own ignorance, because they were not taught the fundaments at school. And that applies to you two both: Neither you Chris McAskill or your buddy Michael Greger know the fundamental facts of human health, or bring the factual actual about it to the Public. Instead, parroting cherry-picked pseudo-science from processed food industry masquerading as green and vegetarian - or worse:

- Vegan pseudoscience.

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