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Vaccines do not stop nurses from transmitting

The state media YLE has confused mix of characters exchanging views on if corona-vaccine stops transmission to another person, primarily risk-group members. Giving away the chance for pursuit of freedom and freedom of the body? This nonsense better have some great scientific minds behind it. I've had some refresher courses on research and lifesciences. Looks like its time to test-drive my biosci and writing skills and try to anwer this!


What is this noise about? Mandatory vaccination, and COVID. That finnish law states that a certain person must take a vaccine, or lose their job. That the parliament gave away the freedom of the persons to decide about their body, to employer, based on the Parliament representatives ignorance or superstition about vaccines.

HE 230/2021 vp korostettu teksti Despite the fact, that the governments presentation work for editing the law (HE 230/2021 vp) clearly states that the protection from transmission is limited, and that for certain vaccines the transmission protection is none after 12 weeks.Asian käsittelytiedot HE 230/2021 vp Tartuntatautilain muuttamiseksi

Imagine a roof that only holds the rain outside only for 12 weeks. Is that a protection?

Would it be legal to say that a condom that leaks 2 times out of 3 is a contraceptive and prevents transmission of HIV?

They have decided that parliament reps know virology

Because Ben Zyskowicz and Katri Kulmuni are now experts on vaccines? Because the representatives know the factual-actual effect of the dozens of vaccine-products on secondary transmission, of all the future virus-variants? This is factually a clusterwreck of legislative hubris.

The Marin government also decided to limit chances to free and open enterprise. Certain businesses and individuals must accept the proverbial boot on their face. Based on false premise, ignorance of research.

The proponents argue different things

Most popular argument is, that vaccinating nurses will "protect" the patients they work with. The law text proposes a vaccine prevents risk-groups from getting the nurses SARS-CoV-2-infection. A prevention of secondary transmission. In the light of scientific publications such as CB Arcarya 2021, Riemersma 2021 and Subbaraman, Nature 2021 - August to October of 2021 - this is absolutely not true, and that is the primary motivation for writing this article.

As a typical example of these statements, I quote the view of THL's Lasse Lehtonen on expert views that coronavirus won't quickly disappear: And so protecting the risk-groups from severe COVID-disease is topical after 2022 too. He goes on to state that 3 vaccines give 90% protection against delta-variant, despite the known facts that delta-virusvariant is history, and that risk-groups get a reduced response from vaccines.

Using medical interventions as instruments of coercion and marginalization

In the same article, Hanna Nohynek - the same person who thinks people who don't take vaccines are "kidnappers" - states that mandatory vaccine can no longer be justified, as omicron-variant is dominant.

Never mind abusing those who question or have different perspective as kidnappers, using vaccines. Never mind failing to recognize the scientific fact that vaccines do not seem to prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2, from the infected vaccinated to others.Subbaraman, Nature 2021 Never mind failing to recognize, that you failed to recognize.

In fact they both seem to be lagging behind on the research. As if they already belong in the past, as historical reminders of kafkaesque tyranny of the soviet-block states. The tyrannical state must fall, and these small minded mini-saddams with it. Factually they are both bureocrats participating in using the medical science as a instrument of coercion. It would be despicable and wrong, even if vaccine-products did prevent transmission of coronaviruses: it is not their body.

Who are the legislators who support using medical intervention as forced tyranny of the body?

Who are these members of Finnish Parliament 2019? The Parliament voted on something that vaccine cannot give. An impossible law. Legislation that conflicts the knowledge of scientific research.

Impossible because the known vaccine products do not prevent the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, and their law states that mandatory, forced vaccine is "to protect the risk groups".

No, a vaccine-product only protects the person who had the vaccine!

Now a vaccine-product is a mandatory medical intervention - based on the Finnish Parliament Representatives superstition, or incapability to check their own hubris.

How tragic to see all members of Social Democrats, Centre Party, The Leftist, The Greens and the Swedish groups goose step their own nurses into this dark night of belief and legislation. How tragic to see Finnish Parliament legislators fail at their job miserably, despite the fact that this is a topic well researched.

The science of vaccinations as interventions is a blessing

Humanity has developed sciences and instruments to benefit health and even partially protect from disease caused by viruses. This is all a positive thing. This is all extra, it doesn't come included - it is a blessing that must not be used to coerce people.

They all failed at their job

Terribly well-paid failures, forcing nurses, endangering the weak. They demonstrated how sad the illusion of finnish democracy is, and how dysfunctional the government and the parliament at the face of reality. They demonstrated that Finland is not a state of scientific legislation. Its a sad charade of political football clubs, wasting time and taxpayer money on limiting free and open society.

Bunch of hogwash superstition, make-up and tweets masquerading as legislators. Resulting in tyranny and mandatory vaccines, and a law-text that lies to the reader. The kafkaesque tyranny of Soviet states is not history. It is still here, it is here now, and the vacuous media cannot call it - and the apathetic people cannot seem to stop it.

The above is pretty much the message of this article, and the remainder from here deals with the details related to SARS-CoV-2 virus, infection, immunity and other interesting stuff.

A map of definitions = my pseudo-virology mental-map

I am writing in the context of SARS-CoV-2 Hu et al, Nat Rev Microbiol 2020 virus in 2022. For most, infection doesn't cause symptoms. In other words, infection does not necessarily lead to disease, as reported by the likes CB Arcarya 2021. If symptomatic, SARS-CoV-2 infection can develop into flu-like symptoms, and if it gets worse it can cause a viral pneumonia, illness called COVID-19.Polak et al, Modern Pathology 2020.

Frequency of symptoms tableCOVID-19 typically causes fever, dry cough and fatigue, a mild infection in over 80% of symptomatic. At worst in severe COVID-19, some variants cause the lung cells surface membranes to melt when the virus spike activates, causing massive lung damage and death (cytopathogenic effect). Thomas-Rüddel et al, Der Anesthetist 2020

To make sense - quantify - we need metrics. For viruses the metrics include seropositivity from a blood test, test in body fluids for presence of viral infection, and for viral fitness the Effective Reproduction Rate, and Secondary Attack Rate, Case Fatality Rate, Contagiousness C0, and more.Tao et al, Nat Rev Gen 2021

Vaccy Race

Above there are mentions of virus variants Delta and Omicron. Change happens fast - in fact the previous paragraphs statements may no longer hold true for Omicron- or future variants (there are many).

The environment, as a whole, causes viruses to change or mutate, as do small errors in their reproduction.Tao et al, Nat Rev Gen 2021 One could guess that also vaccinating whole populations selects for virus-variants that somehow avoid the effect of vaccine! I.e. this is one of the mechanisms that leads to a kind of Vaccine Arms Race.

Tao et al 2021 reports that the speed at which SARS-CoV-2 virus changes has been estimated to be about 12-60 per year for all of the virus - if I got my idea of coronaviruses nucleotide count correct. That makes for 0.0004 to 0.002 mutations per nucleotide per year.

From microbiology to real humans

Illness from infection? It is not as simple as in or out, either, with SARS-CoV-2. The COVID-19 disease manifests in mild and severe forms as mentioned above. But aside from the resulting symptoms, how does SARS-CoV-2 behave in the human body, exactly?

Commonly the particle that contains the viruses that cause the contagion are thought to be airborne, mostly.Stadnytskyi, J. Internal Med. 2021 First thing that happens is a mucosal infection, inside the head. This is deduced from the evidence on where highest levels of viral RNA are found at highest amount from nasal and throat samples, and the exhaled air. It is worth noting, that this development of viral transmission may not necessarily be similar between individuals.

Then if infection develops negatively, the infection will spread to lungs. The outcomes is very high rate of viral reproduction in the lung mucosa. Immune system. Immune system reaction. Igg. Antibodies. Systemic immune system vs Mucosal immune system, etc.

Major difference between systemic and mucosal systems? How does your immune system work? Why does immune system learn to fight a virus? Why doesn't immune system fight the apple I ate? The blood cells do not make antigens towards the apple proteins?

The machine for developing immune regulation for airways is in the gut. The machine for the down regulation of the is also largely in the gut. Professor Robert Clancy. Cytokines message about infection. Antibodies. We have no idea how much there are?

And what is a transmission of infection? A SARS-CoV-2 positive nurse is treating a patient. Harris 2021 - The month of May when vaccine still significantly reduced transmission, of then Alpha variant https://www.nejm.org/doi/pdf/10.1056/NEJMc2107717.

Then vaccines. Ggenetic rna vaccines. We still don't know how much antibodies there are. Boosters. Downregulation of response / non-response from boosters!

You didn't even know what you wanted from vaccines

What are we expecting to see from vaccines? What exactly?

Prevent some aspect of COVID? Prevent severe forms of COVID? Reduce excess deaths, reported as primary cause of death is COVID?

Prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from person 1 to person 2? Prevent death of elderly or severely immunocompromized or diabetic? See this seems to be majority of those who get the severe COVID symptoms. Comorbidity. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/landia/article/PIIS2213-8587(20)30272-2/fulltext

Terribly many were going to use vaccines to stop or eradicate SARS-CoV-2 from the World? No, this was an absurd idea: knowing the current vaccines there is no hope of this happening, just by using some vaccine product. None of the products seem to do it.

Weakening effects from vaccines

Wait! What do you mean "effects"? What were you expecting?

You had some idea about how vaccines work, but you have never studied how viruses infect cells?

During 2021, reseach seemed to indicate an effect: preventing severe or fatal disease from SARS-CoV-2 infection, of the delta-variant type.

What are the correct questions?

Are we asking the correct question? Is COVID19 a more complex phenomena than A-makes-B? What are the chances its just concurrent occurence of plurality of phenomena?

How balanced or volatile are the related health risks?

Is the short term of effect from vaccine-products caused by the high mutation rate of coronaviruses? pitch. The short term of vaccine products effect still isn't a popular topic for the cheerleading media outlets.

Can we quantify the reduction of viral transmission from virus-positive individual in context of vaccinated vs unvaccinated?

Mostaghimi et al 2022 discuss this in their article sharing their personal view published in Lancet Infectious diseases in February 2022. Their conclusion is the genotypes form a heterogenous landscape that requires surveillance.

My simple conclusion is that most vaccine products will boost your immunity for several months, and through this mechanism reduce the risk of Transmission by factor of 0 to 80% during these 3-6 months for certain virus variants. One cannot generalize, and not all vaccine products give protection from (transmitting) certain virus variants.

My time runs out, without strong outcome

Quarantene, distance, plastic film, well ventilated spaces, HEPA filters - all are likely to be more effective at preventing transmission.

What happened with Israel in 2021? They were totally vaccinated but the epidemy still went on? Indeed. Epidemiology is yet another perspective.

This is where my time runs out. I do not get paid for this. I cannot put more time on researching the failure of Finnish Parliament and the finnish health officials. I do not feel hopeful that spending more time would change anything.

In Finland, your body is the property of the State

By law, we now have 2 mandatory medical interventions in the Finnish Law, with lawmakers HE 230/2021 vp. Two too many. The lawmaker is the enemy of freedom.

The Parliament do not get the simplest of philosophies. The representantives have given the State the keys to the nurses body. Apathetic primitives.

And the gov organizations failed that one, too. That's why the finnish law now has another mandatory medical intervention. Instagram totalitarianism v1.1.

The lower classes are just a tool for the Marin gov. The gov I wish would move to Mongolia, with majority of the Parliament 2019. A government of tyranny where the State decides what goes in or out of your body - or the States body, as they (Marin gov and parliament of 2019) think of it.

I cannot accept this. This is tyranny. Overthrow the government. They belong at the unemployment office if you ask me.

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