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The Finnish have yet to admit they live in a Nanny State

Imagine a state media columnist that apologizes for the people who want to decide about their body? Or a citizen who is so passivated by their nanny state, that they no longer even want to decide about their own person and theid body. This is Finland 2022.

Soviet apathy or Stockholm syndrome?

The government or the lawmaker has no qualms. The citizens body is just a tool for their organization. Marin looks great in photos, and the little people are just part of the finnish state, small cogs that don't get a say.

The ordinary finnish person has no dreams of a better life. They don't even speak about changing this. Or the laws that govern their body.

Now imagine having to live in a state full of people like this: media editors who push Nanny State POV, the media-sexy politicians who routinely trample the freedom to choose about what goes into ones body, and the citizens who are like a novel cross-breed between North Korea and some collapsed African state? All this despite mobile phones and high-bandwidth internets and all consumer tech in the World.

Finland 2022

Somehow, its still the 1984 in Finland. The twitters and medias and soviet-era government instruments have amalgamated into unholy mixture of superficial pop-populism and retro-soviet era politics.

It means that you cannot be a free person in 2022. It is just the same as ever, exactly the same as 1984 was, only now the police and government havetotal surveillance tech.

A nightmare of passivity, alcohol monopoly pushing government media YLE, and power-hungry politicians and officials to whom your body is not a temple, but a cog.

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