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Spirona - A New Spirograph

During first weeks of 2021 I created a novel version of my Fermat's Spirals spiroid generator. Here it is: its called Spirona. I will collect fun spiraloids fro Spirona on this blog post.

Spirona is a simple spirograph, that is "live" and you can interact with. Here is a demo video (not live) of what the results look like: a slowly evolving Tie-Dye Spirograph:

If your browser doesn'te support the video player, you can try downloading mp4-format file, or the Tie Dye Spiraloid video on Youtube.

Want to play with the spiraloid in the video, and change its size, speed or color mixing? Go to spirona page: Tie-Dye Spirograph.

Let me know if you find bugs or have ideas on how to improve this!

Spiraloid variations

Simple wave-pulse flower fireflora.

A solar furnace with bit of rainbow towards the end spiral.

A spiral for cantelope at Freenode ##art.

A pretty diesel blue flower

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