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Music: Elevator Pitch

Can you compose atonal music? Ok, so, I did that already. Atonalism is just using all pitch classes, of the chromatic scale. Versus tonal harmony, that only uses certain intervals and thus certain set of pitches, aka a "key", for example: "key of G major".

Can one go further? Is it possible to compose music without having a set of pitches?

Atonal music ends up using intervals that simply won't sound interesting, beautiful, or will just sound horrible to most people. Tradition of harmonies is what most people are used to, as well. It doesn't feel like a fruitful landscape to me from these January 2021 experiments.

Maybe one could step outside the sets of pitches, the chromatic scale and diatonic concepts of "a key". How would one have composition without pitches? Even sound that doesn't come from musical instruments has some pitch or pitches... Isn't non-pitched music a paradox?!

- Well, Elevator Pitch is my answer to these questions. In this composition I free'd myself from diatonic harmony and groups of pitches, by having all pitches in a song!

Enjoy. Just another experiment in music, a spatial ambient track, with a new spiraloid video from spirona.

If your browser doesn'te support the video player, you can try downloading this video and play, or the Elevator Pitch -video on Youtube.

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