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Feminism and Racism are different sides of the same movement

A strange realization came to me as I was thinking about Sofi Oksanen's historical denialism: the nihilist manipulations of the truth aim to generate polarization. In fact, the scheme of this polarization is identical with the scheme of racism.

Similarly, the outcome is hate based on inherited biological features, ethnicity or the illusion of race. Even the motivation is the same: economical and political power. Therefore, the racist and the feminist propagandist are one and the same: only the label is different.

Note that here I mostly refer to what I think is fictional denialism in Oksanen's recent narrative on "female coders" (a slur), not the fiction books set in Soviet era.

Let me illustrate this factual reality by comparing the feminist author Sofi Oksanen and the populist politician Jussi Halla-Aho, former head of True Finns party.

The only difference here seems to be, that Halla-Aho is openly hating on minorities, while Sofi Oksanen wears the fake robes of the better person - all the while generating fake narrative for fake isms.

Oksanen's politically correct hate reaches way larger audience, as the finnish society has normalized hate of men: misandry is just another product. Men are not considered humans, and in the resulting narratives their value and worth is ignored in favor of primitive demonization.

Jussi Halla-Aho
Sofi Oksanen
former Finns Party lead
feminist author
right-wing populist polarization
polarization feminism
monoculturalism, homophobia, xenophobia, antisemitism
misandry, denialism of history
subject of demonization
refugees, immigrants, LGBT and ethnic minorities
basis of discrimination
ethnicity, citizenship and sexual orientation
gender, career choices
politically correct
audience size
80 772 votes in EU parliament representative elections
+100 000 sold copies for most popular book
Source: finnish newsmedia articles, news on court decicions, authors deduction. Please contact me if I have misrepresented some detail and I will check it immediately.

The same crowd

In mainstream finnish media Sofi Oksanen is seemingly politically correct stuff, where Halla-Aho is often mentioned in negative light.

But it's not two separate factions. It is the one and the same: white urban educated privileged finns, with access to the Power.

They have a voice, they were never marginalized. The polarization and demonization is the same. Some minority has to pay for our story, as we vocally sell fake charicatures to hundreds of thousands; feeding on the worst in people and their culture, on the wings of free speech.

Fruits of feminism

Seemingly humanist effort? But the fiction that Oksanen presents as history doesn't hold water. It is a fake narrative to cater to the increasingly popular misandry movement: the fruits of feminist power structure.

Simplistic culture of men as scapegoats for all type evils. This perspective unites the recent feminists in the public media: Sofi Oksanen's fake history of programmers or Minja Koskela's fake story of rock-radio for men being sexism. The invisible non-existent men holding women back, or some such drivel.

Ism myopia

Seems to me that humans simply cannot free themselves from isms. Isms generate perspective and confirmation bias. Combined with any amount of power, the result is some type of discrimination, marginalization or tyranny. Even from someone who I assume wrote books on violence of power structures.

Ism is more important than reality? What a hypnosis!

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