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Its not the carbs, its the sugar

Ask yourself, which factors lead to obesity? And then, which factors lead to insulin insensitivity? And which to Type 2 diabetes? Elevated blood sugar, Sleep deprivation, Stress, combined with lack of exercise.

Now, ask yourself: howcome these three things seem to be just a consecutive stage in the same process? Because its all about insulin.

Why the blood sugar elevated? - Because food products contain simple industrial sugars, that are absorbed fast and detected incorrectly by the gut, and do not satiate or lack some mineral or protein: hunger remains.

Why sleep deprivation? Because the society imposes strong pressure to work and consume more than there are hours in the day.

Why stress? Because the society forgot that humans need beauty, quiet, rest and harmony - in large amounts. Instead, noisy, dull spaces full of noise and rush, echoing with jarring sound and conflict.

Exercise, who has time to exercise? I must get the promotion to be able to afford less noisy apartment and a better looking car so the neighbors won't pick on me.

Cortisol and insulin levels soaring sky-high for years? It is amazing how well the body can take this type of abuse, but in the long run its a recipe for Type 2 diabetes. In our societies, this is "topped off" with the constantly high blood sugar levels, causing fat to accumulate in unusual places, and even direct glucotoxicity through things like Advanced Glycation Products - the glucose or fructose molecules form a covalent bond with proteins, which then no longer function as their origin cells intended. LDL-glycated, guess what happens to your arteries now?

Oh, and why the exercise? Because it both reduces cortisol and improves insulin sensitivity. Besides, exercise also improves resistance to stress, and improves the mood through brain chemistry. Simple, huh?

Unless the carbohydrate stores are used up during the day and the night, the triglyceride stores will never be used. High insulin state, anabolism, prevents burning these reserves of the body. The weigh doesn't lie. Typical person needs more than 6 hours without carbs to start burning reserves. You do the math on sleeping and eating times.

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