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Jen Reid

A Surge Of Power (Jen Reid) - Photo by Sam Saunders from Wikipedia

I thought this was pretty fast one! Its about time statues of those who enslaved others were put down. I was filled with hope when reading about it. Not sure I understand all the things the people who I feel the image of Jen Reid represents here have been through.

We all get on a power trip. All that insecurity and greed. Ideologies, contracts and material wealth can take over any human being. Its not an easy struggle.

Even if the right to decide on your body is now largely the monopoly of governments and their security and military apparatus, that is still a form of slavery. As in the practical outcome that the enslaved does not get to decide upon their body. As most countries have legislated, the citizen does not have full right to decide on their own. Some of it is seas of difficult pararadoxes, such as what is the society supposed to do with murderers and antisocial criminals? Some of it the docile acceptance of tyranny based on common social needs or arbitrary things.

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