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Fake food from Factories is the Greatest Lie of the 20th Century

Basic chemistry was well taught in school. I remember plenty of lessons on electrons and molar mass. Everyone was taught these things at school. Bunch of carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen, right? You can check the difference between molecules.

The Dumbing Down

Yet somehow, somewhere along the way, when talking about food, and the 3 macronutrients it is composed of, the consumer believes the fakest bullshit ever invented. Lies like the Low-fat-craze, seed-oils are healthy, vegan is healthier: all plain bullshit made up by the people who sell the products, or the lifestyle. Complete lies that lure the consumer into paying 4 times more for fake processed food from a factory. The price is these unhealthy products replace the actual foods from simple and ecological biospheric nutrient cycle - that we humans evolved to consume. You know: plants and animals, fungi, fish, birds, insects.

Mayonnaise as a practical example

Real mayonnaise is made from eggs, the yellow yolks of the egg. Eggs contain excellent fats, and these fats are very good nutrition - and not only that, hens are very efficient at converting grass, insects and other organic matter, into eggs!

But somewhere along the 20th Century, the processed food-industry, and in this case particularly the seed-oil producers, decided to force-feed consumers fake-food. Fake mayonnaise that you can find in any supermarket is a typical example, often made with no egg at all! Instead, the producers use seed oils, that contain high levels of Omega-6, resulting in high inflammation levels in the body, along with other artificial and completely unnecessary ingredients.

"Low-fat" foods popular for decades: Its still a lie

Usually diet trends die during the decade they are invented or marketed to the public.

The low-fat was invented somewhere during the first half of the 20th century. Its a food-fad that didn't die, as its "too big to die": The Processed Food Industry, Sugar Producers, Margarine Factories, Fast-food chains and the Seed Oil Producers all wanted the real food to die, instead. This same lie has generated smaller fake offspring like "saturated fats are bad", or "vegetable oils are good for you" (just a #fake word for seed oils).

Particularly powerful lie here in Finland has been the "cholesterol is bad for you" -myth. Infinitely repeated, and they still sell margarine that claims to reduce cholesterol levels, forgetting simple facts like: every cell needs plenty of cholesterol, and you cannot grow new nerve-tissue without cholesterol (and the required dietary fats, in general), ie. learn new things.

"Low fat" -nutrition is an absurd lie, if you look at the facts: if You don't eat certain fatty acids, you will #die of malnutrition. Every single cell requires a fat-lipid-layer just to remain intact. And the fat-tissue around your waist makes important hormones. And just what are "low fat" -salesmen proposing to replace fat with? Processed carbohydrates. I believe this combination is shown to be lethal to the metabolic health of hundreds of millions of members of the Public: at the least obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Eating just the lowly egg or lot of butter is far healthier for anybody, than the sad seed oils, or the refined carbohydrates. In effect, most of the sadly popular pseudo-food sold in the supermarkets.

Finally, it's the carbohydrates that cause most people to gain weight. Carbs and/or stress, in fact: read #insulin and/or #cortisol. Yes, these are hormones.

What do you mean "force-feed consumers"?

I'm sorry to tell you that in the late 1950's Big Sugar (Sugar Research Foundation, a producers association) bought a lot of studies to blame Fat for what the processed carbohydrates do. To hide the Type 2 diabetes epidemy that their products helped to usher in the door. To downplay the role of Sugar and Insulin in the development of heart disease. See above the screen capture from British Journal Of Medicine. In fact, the journalists and gatekeepers let The Public down totally. This article only brought these lies into light 50 years later.

This is a major failure of medical and nutritional #Science-community.

This shows how thin the "science" is in "Nutrition Research". Thousands upon thousands of "medical professionals", "nutrition scientists", "dieticians" and "public nutrition experts" parroted these lies like no tomorrow. The only question remains is whether they received money directly or indirectly from producers and the food industry - or whether they were too unskilled in scientific method to understand, that there is little value in these studies?

This shows that science can be bought "by the hour". Whats more Scientists are being bought by the hour as you read this! A quagmire of interests and myths.

Its not a conspiracy, its a historical fact

I added this paragraph just to drive this point "home". Harvard Uni, SRF, and thousands of nutrition and healthcare professionals let The Public down. The low-fat, or the "lower your cholesterol" diet advice is pretty evil, when you consider every single cell requires and makes these fats, lipids and cholesterol. The Media has not helped you either: can you find 20th century journalists who investigated this issue?

Carbohydrate-based Fake food from Factories is the Greatest and the most successful lie of the 20th Century! And there you were thinking it was communism (no, communism as an credible ideology or system of thought died somewhere after 1960s, when The Public learned of Stalin's atrocities, Chinese zealots and the Khmer Rouge: bloodthirsty mass-murderers blinded by foolish communist ideology. Besides, if my bicycle was also yours, you would only ruin it for both of us).

Dietary Carbos are not required by the human body

Carbohydrates are a non-essential nutrient for humans. Most cells and organs work on ketones better than glucose. The liver can function on many fuels. OSU Biochem professor Kevin Ahern once stated in one of his biochem lectures the body treats glucose "as a poison", much like ethanol-alcohol.

The current metabolic research seems to point that only liver absolutely needs some carbohydrates, but the liver can make its own carbs (gluconeogenesis). Good thing because personally I can go days without eating any carbohydrates.

So What do they Do?

Carbohydrates that the human gut can digest break down into glucose when eaten. Doesn't matter whether factory-processed fructose-syrup, table sugar, or the finest fresh, local organic wheat flour, rice or potatoes. When the body digests glucose, it goes from the gut into the blood, and glucose in the blood triggers pancreas to excrete insulin, within seconds.

Because of their rapid digestion and low satiety-effect, refined carbohydrates end up elevating blood-sugar and blood insulin-levels, resulting in constant hormonal imbalance, that can result in weight-gain, depression, and finally chronic disease, such as Type 2 -diabetes and atherosclerosis. Combine this with too much Omega-6 from seed oils, and poor mineral and other nutrient intake from processed foods, and you get the metabolid disorder spectrum! Just from the "Western diet".

Carbohydrate quality matters. Generally the slowly digested carbohydrates seem more reasonable to me. Un-processed, fiber-containing foods made of whole, intact cells that contain fiber to prevent quick bloodsugar spikes and to feed the gut- microbes do not seem to cause similar problems as industrially processed starches, sugars: refined carbs.

Refined carbs force body into fat storage

Refined carbohydrates get human pancreas to put out a lot of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that works to store fat when extra carbs are available. A vicious cycle!

Refined carbs provoke binge-eating

Whats more, most refined-carbohydrate-foods do not induce satiety making you feel full, but instead can mix up the hunger-detection of the body, causing hormonal binge eating. It is hard to binge-eat on high-fat or high-protein foods, simply because satiety-inducing hormones result, instead.

This is how the gastric bypass -operation functions as causing weight loss, partially, The hormone excretion from the gut is radically changed by removing parts of the gut.

Carbs or Omega-6s will not kill you the same week. But in 5 or 10 years, diet high in refined carbs will get you overweight, and if you continue, insulin resistance and finally Type 2 diabetes. It is a major factor in why 10% of the finnish public has T2 (and about 30% of North Americans) - a completely preventable and curable chronic disease caused by the Western Lifestyle.

A recipe for diabetes: from any supermarket

Be aware! Industrially processed food-products are intended to maximize profit for the factories, and are dangerous to your health.

A typical processed-food-product contains both unhealthy seed oils that maximize inflammation, due to too much Omega-6, AND refined carbohydrates that spike bloodsugar to levels that can damage all proteins, nerve cells & retina, blood vessels, and the pancreas. The carbs and the way they are eaten cause a constant insulin-load.

#hyperglycemia and #hyperinsulinemia

Further, the near-constant elevated insulin can lead to near-constant fat storage, elevated blood-sugar causes even more inflammation. Combined with stressful lifestyle, disrupting the bodys biological clock (by eating carbs during all waking hours and with the blue light from device screens), and less than half-an-hour of exercise (and sweating) per day, this is certain RECIPE FOR DIABETES. No matter what you do, you cannot undo the hormonal effects: constantly elevated cortisol and insulin have their metabolic effect, in the long run.

Unlike many believe, insulin is not required for bloodsugar transport, as GLUT1-3 transporters function just fine without insulin. The primary problem when insulin is lacking (ie. when pancreas has been damaged) is glucagon -hormone. But these details belong in another article!

Remember: eat real cells, real fat, pinch of fiber

I'm amazed you read this far, thank you for that (you are among the 10 people who have read this). I've spent years studying biology, nutrition, scientific philosophy, endocrinology, but this blog-post isn't intended to capture any of that. This is not an essay based on publications, a white paper or anything: just a blog post. I still know very little, but have learned some solid ground truths.

You may be asking: so what am I to think of this?

One should eat food consisting of whole natural cells. Like humans naturally evolved to digest. The unbroken cells digest slower. This helps prevent hyperglycemia, and the digestive system can recognize the foods better. So, you avoid the secondary hormonal problems like excess ghrellin and leptin (outside the chronic insulin/cortisol-problem).

Avoid foods that contain highly processed ingredients. Sadly wheat flour includes too highly processed. Processing causes the carbs contained to digest too fast, and the fats to oxygenize. But as carbs are not a required nutrient, you can skip the carbs.

Also, bit of fiber slows down digestion carbohydrates, even those processed ones. Fiber also helps with the good intestinal microbes, not that I really made an solid argument on that particular topic in this article.

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