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Nvim reference

File Explorer-rings (Netrw)

You really want to learn to use the file -explorer, because it looks 3L33t.

Open explorer: :Lex toggLe explorer win
:Vex new Vert explorer
:Sex new horiSontal explorer
Install Vinegar.vim in ~/.vim/plugin/ - jump to parent dir
I hide headers
i list view/detailed/columns/tree view
Resize split window: :Res -10 Reduce 10 vert lines

Whitespace clean up and display

Remove trailing whitespace :%s/\s\+$//g
Display whitespace: :set list
Customize whitespace display: set listchars=tab:▻▹,eol:↵,trail:␠,nbsp:_
Indentation? Set filetype indent on
set shiftwidth=2 ensure this is set

Visual hints

HTML-tag autoclose? Install closetag.vim in ~/.vim/plugin/


So many managers. Vim-plug is the next one to use.

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