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Is soy safe to eat for men?

Soy beans contain Isoflavones

This fact seems to propose that soy isoflavones from diet will cause similar things as increasing the amount of estrogen in your body. Gynecomastia and other dysfunctions. However, soy is inexpensive and has plenty of magnesium, so its attractive alternative to other protein and milk products.

The Short Version?

Neither Harvard or Linus Pauling Institute nutrition scientists found any evidence for negative health effects (Sources 1. and 2.).

Isoflavones VS estrogen in the body

Some studies seem to indicate, that soy isoflavones actually displace estrogen on estrogen receptors (Sources 1., 2., 3.).

Other antinutrients

Soy contains other antinutriets, which I have partially iterated as a mental map of plant antinutrients.


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