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Some vectors related to nutrition

Notes on some topics that could use revisiting

Salt - do different varieties of salt matter? I use sea-salt I bought in 2013. But does it matter if it contains all the seasalt minerals? Should the magnesium levels be increased? Perhaps seasalt or mineral salts might contain something thats undesirable in terms of nutrition?

Gluconeogenesis - what happens every morning in your liver, what happens when you fast or the blood runs low on carbs.

Glucacon-Insulin-matrix - glucacon is often omitted in the every-day talk about carbohydrate metabolism. The anabolic-catabolic axis is dark side peptide hormones.

Sirtuins - interesting! What is this, I'm new to sirtuins. I guess I need to study this more (and have a glass of red wine). [ Molecular Endocrinology 2007, 21:1745-1755, Cell 2009, 1:560-570 ]

Sugar Metabolism - Amazing: very-low-carb diet was enough to control blood sugar in type 1 diabetes: https://vector.childrenshospital.org/2018/05/very-low-carb-diet-type-1-diabetes/

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