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Refining nanoc for blog

Ok, next I'd like to add a separate index of posts into the side-menu of my site, created from the content files created automagically. I've been reading the Nanoc documentation about 20 minutes, but I have no idea how such concept would actually work.

At 3rd hour of Nanoc, I still have no idea what exactly is the idea with Rules -file. Initially the concept of content being processed via bunch of rulesets seemed intuitive. But I haven't the foggiest illusion I actually understand how I should make it work 8) – here one must ask for help! (I could have also attempted to read the source instead of the base-docs)

Many things still are best learned via verbal tradition as Moste Olde Things of Yore. Ergo, I go to https://gitter.im/nanoc/nanoc .

Well, after some time in Nanog -gitter room, I have some great advice to move on from these adventures! And whats more important, I re-learn'd the Olde Wisdom Of The Greats:

Fail Fast

- instead of hammering your head onto a wall for hours

Also, I found a strange error:

Compiling site…
      delete  output/.nfs0000000003e25528003a32f2

Captain! We’ve been hit!


::EBUSY: Device or resource busy @ unlink_internal - output/.nfs0000000003e25528003a32f2
Something funny going on, I had to delete the whole output directory to rectify this: $ rm -r ./output. Perhaps an unchecked process is doing something in the filesystem. This error keeps resurfacing, so I made a note of it.

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